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Hi there,welcome to our world. Both this site & club are BRITISH BASED & DEDICATED to safe, consensual discipline fun.I.E. The & discipline of Spanking Naughty girls bottoms, or being spanked & disciplined by beautiful women, depending on your taste. Plainly put we are solely a discipline club, run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, where the only dress code is smart/ casual.


What we do NOT do is invite in prostitutes,or engage in any form of sexual activity, or indulge in sadomasochistic play/bondage play, or related topics within our club. This is more in with staying with the Fetish Scene so please, if this is what you are seeking please look elsewhere.

Now that is out of the way. If you enjoy either giving, or recieving spanking & discipline in a safe, confidential environment, where your safety, security & confidentiality are assured then please read on.

Peaches is a private MEMBERS ONLY CLUB, whose entire membership consists of mature, consenting adults. All of whom are "Normal" people & genuinely into the spanking / discipline scene, so there is no need to be nervous. The more long standing members, and ourselves understand the difficulty of taking the first step and are always willing to go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.

Our club is aimed at both submissive and dominant gentlemen, with parties being held independently for both groups. We also, however arrange events for those members who wish to "switch", ( being both Dominant & submissive) at our "Switch"events, At present these are held at various, PRIVATE venue in the Heathrow, Central London & M25 ( Hertfordshire areas)

Before we go any further let us assure you of the following points:

Security & Confidentiality of all involved with the club is always uppermost in our minds & ensured, you will NEVER have your photograph taken, nor be filmed at any event on any & all premise we use.

We never deal with Guy / Guy action at our parties , again that is not what our club is about. We solely deal with guys that wish to discipline girls, guys that like to be disciplined by girls, or guys that like to switch with girls. So rest assured there is always a girl invovled one end, or the other.<Grin>

All members, (unless you are known, or can be "vouched for" by a known member of the scene) are required to complete a membership form, which will be posted, or emailed to you. Alternatively should you wish to meet 1st then a mutually convenient meeting ( generally on a Saturday at a local hostelry, close to Heathrow Airport) can sometimes be arranged.

Once have completed the membership form you will be enrolled as a member of Peaches Club & able to partake in any event & receive a monthly newsletter by E-mail, (unless you request otherwise) detailing news, dates etc

So do you want to join us and possibly make your fantasy a reality? If so please complete the form, using the link to the left and send it back to us with your membership subscription - don't feel embarrassed we would be glad to hear from you and we are mostly : ) normal, friendly people.
For further information, please Email

Hope to see you at an event soon.